Comic strips about buying and selling on the internet by veteran eBay PowerSeller, Erik Andresen.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

INTERNET FUNNIES comic strip 'Facebook Changes'


  1. Erik! Many of us at the University of Arizona have been looking for you! It is fantastic to see you still practicing your art. I see an evolution of your style, but the same, essential wit and technique that you first practiced in "No Exit" for the Daily Wildcat. Remember me? Paul Allvin. I was at a gathering of alumni from the late 1980s and someone whipped out your book for us to look at (I still have my copy, of course). It occurred to us that your comics were probably the single biggest common thread of good memories that alumni have from that time. Where are you? I'm going to try to track you down on Facebook.

    GREAT to find you.

    Paul Allvin

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